12 Apps that Every Expat in Turkey Should Have

Almost everything can be accomplished through the use of an app these days and settling in a new country has become a lot less stressful and simpler.

If you are an expat living in Turkey, take a look at our suggestions of the 12 most useful applications to have, that will certainly make your life easier.


With the E-Devlet smartphone app of Turkey’s government public services and records platform, many administrative tasks can be done without having to visit government entities and offices. Tasks such as paying bills and taxes, checking your account information, as well as downloading official papers that have been e-signed and may be delivered to government authorities, are all accessible through this application.


Hesapkurdu is Turkey’s most reliable app in terms of personal finance. It helps you find the most suitable product for your budget by comparing credit card limits, benefits, loans, all types of insurances, etc. This app is a great companion for all of your financial research, thanks to the helpful guidelines and calculation tools it provides.


With frequent events in over 420 locations throughout the world, InterNations is an extremely beneficial social network for expats. This app also has downloadable guides for relocating to a new country and settling in a new home. InterNations is well-known in big cities around Turkey, including Istanbul, Ankara, and Bodrum. In addition to being one of the world’s largest social expat organizations, it’s valuable for obtaining jobs, business networking, and establishing professional relationships. This app has helped many expatriates meet new people, establish new friends, and keep up-to-date on the latest events in Turkey by connecting them with other expats and locals.


There is no better currency converter than the XE Currency Converter application, which is widely used. It has never been easier to convert restaurant bills into your home currency or to find out how much a hotel or plane ticket will cost, owing to the availability of online currency converters. For expats, managing money in two different nations and currencies may be a difficult adjustment. XE Currency will help you keep track of your income and spending in Turkish lira, British pounds, Euros, or US dollars. With the XE Currency app, which displays real-time currency exchange rates, you can create bill reminders and manage your accounts in both Turkey and your home country.

Sesli Sözlük

Make sure to download Sesli Sözlük which is a talking dictionary app to avoid mispronouncing words in Turkish, enhance your pronunciation, or learn to ask for anything in the Turkish language.

Using Sesli Sözlük, you can also see images and videos associated with the words you’re searching for, which can make it easier to memorize. One of the most accurate and user-friendly dictionaries accessible, Sesli Sözlük provides accented translations for over 20 million words in 17 different languages.


One of the most well-known public transit apps is Moovit. Moovit is highly useful for transportation in Turkey, showing you the route to your destination step by step and providing you with the most appropriate alternatives. With real-time arrival notifications, you’ll know precisely when your bus, tram, or metro is approaching the station. There are already more than 150 cities that use the Moovit public transit index. You can always rely on Moovit in Turkey to help you navigate the country’s public transit system.


BiTaksi makes it much more convenient to call a cab when you need one. With this app, you’ll be able to check how far you’ve traveled; follow your cab, and get an estimate of how much you’ll be charged for the ride. When it comes to cab service, especially in Istanbul, transparency and dependability are essential, and BiTaksi makes it a lot easier. You simply pin your location, and a cab arrives within minutes. If something goes wrong, you’ll have the cab’s details and the driver’s name and phone number at your fingertips. You’ll be asked to give your experience a star rating, ranging from one to five. As a result, drivers have an incentive to remain reliable. Finally, you’ll be able to utilize the fare calculator to verify that the price of the journey is correct.


Similar to Yelp, Tripadvisor is the go-to trip guidance app in Turkey. With the aid of millions of other visitors’ reviews, this app can show you the best places to stay, things to do, and foods to eat whether in your city or a new location. Whether you’re touring in Turkey or anywhere else in the world, you’ll have access to reviews from other travelers on everything from hotels and restaurants to excursions and attractions.


Acakace allows you to compare the prices of a product among many vendors in Turkey at the same time and purchase it at the lowest possible cost. You won’t have to go through the process of comparing costs one by one at the shopping center or on the internet. If you’re keeping your fingers crossed that the price of a product will drop, this app allows you to track the price with a simple click and receive updates as soon as the price changes, saving you time and money. This way, you’ll never miss a bargain again.


Food delivery application Yemeksepeti is the best option to get takeout meals if you’re too lazy or unsure about what you’re in the mood for to go out. After registering your address, the app delivers a comprehensive list of restaurants that can deliver to your location in Turkey. Information about local restaurants, the most popular meals, and the time it will take for your order to arrive are all provided by Yemeksepeti. If you’d like, your food can be delivered to a different address. Even the time of delivery may be customized. There are a variety of healthy options available as well as fast food, and you may save your favorite restaurants for the next time you want to order.


There’s no better way to get groceries than using the Getir app, which will deliver your order immediately at any time of the day. Getir can bring you the late-night goodies you crave while binge-watching Netflix, the milk you need when you run out and can’t leave the house, or the cold brew you need to get you through Monday morning without a sweat.

Using the Getir app, you can eliminate the trouble of grocery shopping by paying securely and conveniently. For your protection, Getir’s delivery service is also contact-free.


If you’re looking for an application to stay up to date with the latest news in Turkey, download BloombergHT. BloombergHT is Turkey’s only economic broadcaster on TV, radio, and the internet. Using the app, you can watch and listen to TV & radio, podcast, and read highlighted and trending articles. You may also interact with presenters and leave comments or ask questions.