How is Real Estate Valuation Done?

Real estate valuation is the process of determining a property’s current market value, used by lenders, investors, buyers, and sellers. It is mandatory for foreigners in Turkey to ensure they pay market rates for real estate. Valuers use various methods to accurately assess property value.

Real estate valuation plays a crucial role in the growing industry of real estate. It helps lending institutions and investors make informed decisions about investing in real estate. The valuation process involves gathering information about the property and conducting thorough research and on-site inspections. All the collected data is used to prepare a detailed report according to national valuation standards. The report undergoes careful review by the appraiser before being delivered to the appropriate parties. Additionally, it is important to track and communicate updates regarding valuation requests.

What is the First Sage of the Real Estate Valuation Process?

The first stage of the valuation process is to assess current market circumstances as well as the location, characteristics, and amenities of the property. This is followed by an evaluation of the property’s condition and an estimate of its future worth.

A real estate appraisal report is a difficult procedure that necessitates a high level of ability and knowledge. An appraisal is an initial step in the real estate valuation process. This is determining a property’s market worth or prospective value based on a variety of criteria such as location, condition, age, size, facilities, and features.

Preliminary research, which is the initial stage of the value request process, collects and analyzes basic data. The following steps are taken at this stage:

  • Collection of Real Estate Information:

The first step in the valuation process is to gather the necessary information about the real estate. This information includes the physical characteristics of the real estate, its location, intended use, size, and other relevant details. In addition, documents such as existing title deed records, zoning status, and occupancy permits are also examined.

Appraisals by qualified professionals examine properties, considering improvements, proximity to public transportation, and local businesses. They also research similar properties in the area to determine the property’s value compared to others in the same area.

  • Market research:

Market research is undertaken throughout the valuation process to assess the market worth of the real estate. Data such as sales prices, rental prices, and market trends of comparable properties with similar attributes are analyzed at this stage. These data help determine the factors that affect the market value of real estate.

An appraiser evaluates a property, producing a report with an estimated fair market value for clients to make informed decisions. The report should include assumptions and recommendations for future improvements.

  • Analysis and Evaluation:

The analysis and evaluation of acquired data are crucial in finding the real estate value. At this point, appraisers assess economic, social, and environmental issues in order to forecast the future value of real estate. Financial analysis, comparative analysis, and income strategy are all options.

  • Reporting:

A valuation report is created following the conclusion of the first step of the valuation procedure. This report describes the property’s value, the techniques used, and the outcomes. The valuation report is distributed to interested parties and serves as a starting point for estimating the market value of the real asset.

After the initial examination, an offer is provided, excluding bank services. The valuation fees are decided depending on the customer’s request and the regulatory authority’s minimum fees. If the offer is accepted, both parties agree to sign a Valuation Service Agreement outlining the scope, length, and cost of the service. After that, the organization appoints a valuation specialist to handle the request, and the procedure proceeds to the next level, which is pre-valuation preparation.

It should be mentioned that the real estate assessment procedure needs professional expertise and is often performed by qualified appraisers. Real estate owners, investors, and financial institutions all benefit from an accurate and dependable appraisal process. It serves as a basic reference point for making sound real estate selections. For more real estate-related services you can check our “services” page.

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