Consulting Services About Obtaining Turkish Citizenship

* Updated on 13.05.2022: According to the decision published in the Turkish Official Gazette, the minimum property purchase value for Turkish citizenship applications is increased from 250.000 USD to 400.000 USD. For the details, visit the “Turkish Citizenship by Investment Minimum Increased to 400,000 Dollars” page.

Due to Nevita’s strategy to provide full services to our customers, we are now providing full consultancy services for Turkish citizenship for free. As Nevita, we are already developing real estate projects that are guaranteed by the Turkish government and suitable for applying for citizenship, additionally we are now providing all consultancy services required for the citizenship application process.

When buying a property from any of our properties or projects we are providing all the property evaluation done by governmental parties beside providing all the consultancy services for applying for citizenship moreover we follow up on the customer application process till the customer receive his Turkish passport, in this article we will tackle all the application phases and the services that we provide for our customers who are willing to apply for the Turkish citizenship through real estate investment.

Getting the Turkish citizenship through real estate investment is the aim for many real estate investors, but applying for citizenship through real estate investment has some conditions and the application process also has different phases one of the main conditions is that the property value must be at least 250,000$.

As we develop projects that are suitable for the Turkish citizenship and guaranteed by the Turkish government, after choosing the property from one of our projects in Istanbul, we provide for our customers property price evaluation from governmental parties in order to assure that the customer can apply for citizenship by investing in this property.

After buying the property we start doing health insurance for the customer and book an appointment in the ministry of migration, then we follow up on the process till our customer receive his investor stay permit in Turkey.

After receiving the investor stay permit we apply for citizenship for the customer and his family (wife and children under 18 years old), we prepare all the needed documents then we take an appointment in the civil registry office to apply for Turkish citizenship, then our lawyers follow up on the case till the customer receive his Turkish passport.

Our company is offering free consultancy services in addition to the lawyers’ fees and the customer is paying for the stamps and translations and the needed documents fees.

The applying process for the Turkish citizenship takes few weeks and receiving the Turkish passport takes nearly two months from the date of applying, the government is planning to reduce the time period of receiving the Turkish citizenship in order to increase the number of real estate investors in Turkey.

As Nevita, we are happy to serve our customers and provide the complete services they need in the most efficient way. With Nevita, you can easily choose your property and finish all the needed procedures starting from buying the property going through the citizenship application till you receive your Turkish passport. Browse our “Projects” and “Properties” pages to see our citizenship-approved real estate listings and projects.

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