Buying Property in Turkey

How to Buy a Property in Turkey Safely as a Foreigner?

At Nevita, we are strongly committed to providing the best services to our current and prospective clients. On that account, we created a guide for foreigners interested in purchasing property in Turkey. All of the steps you’ll need to take are listed here:

Prepare a “Purpose Form”

The very first step to buying property in Turkey is to define your objective. In order to do that, prepare your purpose of the purchase, whether residential, investment, or citizenship. You need to thoroughly research what best suits your needs, budget, and lifestyle.

Then make a list describing your preferred location, type, features, and any other specific requirements of the property you desire. This will set clear standards and will help your agent filter out listings that don’t suit your needs.

Establish Rapport

Since language is very important in effective communication, you will need an agent who speaks your language. Nevita works with the most professional agents in the field of real estate. We will pair you up with the appropriate agent for you to avoid any miscommunications.

It is critical that you establish rapport with your agent so that they can guide you in the right direction. Building rapport with your agent will result in increased trust, dependability, and empathy.

Do not hesitate to ask as many questions or ask for advice; our agents will do their best to address all of your concerns as soon as possible.

Make a Trip to Turkey

If you have never been to Turkey, it is highly recommended that you do so in order to experience the country’s culture, lifestyle, nature, and weather. Nevita provides free transportation to its clients. We pick up clients at the airport, transport them to their hotels, and between the hotels and properties. So go ahead and get your ticket to Turkey.

View Properties

After you’ve arrived in Turkey, your assigned agent will take you on viewing tours of your selected properties. As mentioned above, transportation will be provided by our company.

You should be able to make a more informed decision after these viewings on which property you are willing to purchase.

Negotiate Terms & Price

Once you’ve chosen your preferred property, we will represent your interests in negotiations to get you the best possible deal. We are able to obtain substantial reductions due to our vast connections and networks. We make certain that you are aware of the Sales conditions after agreeing on a price.

Sign Contract & Pay Deposit 

After a final check on all transaction terms, you can pay a deposit to reserve your property and lock the price. The sales contract will be prepared by Nevita’s lawyers and will be ready for you to sign.

Get a Tax Number

In Turkey, obtaining a tax identification number (Vergi numarası) is as simple as visiting a local tax office and bringing a copy of your identity card or passport. This procedure can even be completed online. Obtaining your taxpayer identification number should take no more than fifteen minutes. It’s also worth noting that this operation is free of charge.

Open a Bank Account

After receiving your Tax number, you can open a bank account in Turkey. When opening a bank account, the following documents will be required: your passport, Turkish tax number, and utility bills (electricity or water) to prove your address. The entire process takes about an hour or less and can also be completed online through the official bank websites.

Get Appraisal Report

An Appraisal Report is required by the government when you’re buying a property in Turkey. You need to obtain this report because every international property sale must now include an appraisal or Turkey’s Valuation of Real Estate report, as of February 15, 2019.

Title Deed Transaction

Your purchase will be complete by receiving your (TAPU) title deed and registering the property in your name. In this step, you can take one of two approaches:

  • Get Title Deed Within 1 Week

This transaction will be made with your presence throughout the process. We will complete all legal procedures. After preparing all the paperwork you can get your (TAPU) title deed.

  • Appoint Solicitor by Power of Attorney

This option is especially useful if you don’t have enough time or can’t stay in Turkey for long to complete the procedures. This can save you a lot of time and makes the purchasing process easy and stress-free. The duty of your solicitor is to complete your (TAPU) title deed requirements, manage your property, and get electricity and water utility subscriptions.

After-Sales Services

We offer our service in this final step by providing you with expert advisors in After-Sales services to ensure that you get the most out of your purchase and have a fulfilling experience.

Our after-sales services include:

  • Property Insurance (DASK)
  • Get utility subscriptions for electricity, water, gas, Wi-Fi, etc.
  • Furniture tour
  • Obtain Turkish residency

For detailed information about our real estate services, visit our “Services” page.

Explore Nevita ® Experience!

When it comes to purchasing property overseas. Nevita’s top priority is your satisfaction. By leveraging our expertise in the field, we can provide you with a safe, straightforward, and satisfying service. Don’t hesitate to contact us for any further questions and professional advice.