Turkish Citizenship by Investment

Citizenship in Turkey by Investment

Turkey offers lucrative benefits to attain citizenship in a pretty simple and effortless way. The process is easy to follow, and the benefits are numerous.

Obtaining Turkish citizenship is one of the most exciting things you can do these days. Acquiring citizenship is a relatively simple process. To qualify, you must make a minimum investment of $ 500.000 or purchase an area worth $ 400.000.

The good news is that you don’t even have to travel to Turkey to become a citizen. Furthermore, there are numerous ways to become a Turkish citizen.

Ways to Get Turkish Citizenship by Investment

Turkey makes straightforward offers of citizenship to people from all over the world. Turkey is a safe haven for your hard-earned cash. If you spend money in Turkey, you will always benefit. Any foreigner who meets any of the following requirements can apply for Turkish citizenship:

  • Buying a property worth at least $ 400.000 with a deed restriction not to sell for 3 years.
  • Depositing $ 500.000 in Turkish bank accounts with a condition not to withdraw for 3 years.
  • Making a fixed capital investment of at least $ 500.000.
  • Buying government bonds worth $ 500.000 with a condition not to sell for 3 years.
  • Providing employment for at least 50 people in Turkey.
  • Investing in a real estate fund worth $ 500.000 with a condition not to sell for 3 years.
  • Investing at least 500,000 USD or its equivalent in foreign currency into the private pension system with the condition not to leave for 3 years.

Steps of Turkish Citizenship by Real Estate Investment

To apply for citizenship through real estate investment, you must first complete a few steps. The process is quite simple, yet Nevita can make it even simpler. Here is what you need to apply for citizenship in Turkey.

  • Get a Tax Identification Number: You can obtain your tax registration number from any Turkish tax office. It is necessary to submit an original passport and photo.
  • Open a Turkish Bank Account: During the purchase process, you will need to document all transactions through a government-approved bank.
  • Choose the Right Property: You need to buy a property worth the required amount of money and all the validation certificates.
  • Buy a Property in Turkey: Use a bank for the transaction and document the transaction by the receipt.
  • Receive the Certification of Conformity: Request and submit the official valuation survey. You also need to submit the official bank transfer receipt. Then apply to the Ministry of Urbanization and Environment
  • Apply for Residence Permit: Get the necessary documents together. Send a letter of application to the Directorate General of Migration Management
  • Apply for Turkish Citizenship by Investment: Obtain the required documentation. Applicants should apply to the Division of Migration Management for citizenship.

The Process of Obtaining Turkish Citizenship by Investment

The investor, on behalf of the family, can apply for a residence permit once the applicant meets one of the criteria. An account in a Turkish bank is then required for the main applicant. All application documents can be prepared and submitted to the government once all investment documents are prepared.

A review process will begin once the application has been received by the government, followed by an interview if necessary. Citizenship documents are typically issued within 2 to 6 months of approval of the application. The passport application can then be submitted.

Benefits of the Turkish Citizenship

Getting Turkish citizenship opens a world of possibilities. The benefits you will get after acquiring Turkish citizenship are immense. Some of the benefits of having Turkish citizenship are as follows:

  • You and your family can become Turkish citizens (your wife/husband and children under 18 years old).
  • You can travel to more than 110 countries without a visa
  • You can get dual citizenship
  • You can get a high return on investment. The Turkish real estate market has an annual average capital appreciation of over 10%. You can reap great benefits while selling the property after 3 years.
  • To become eligible for Turkish citizenship, you do not have to have lived in Turkey for a certain period of time. As soon as you receive a residence permit, you can continue to live abroad and apply for citizenship.
  • Some countries do not allow dual citizenship. For this reason, you should contact your consulate for detailed information.

Apply for Turkish Citizenship at Nevita!

Now is the time to take advantage of this great opportunity and be financially efficient by investing and getting citizenship in Turkey. Nevita can help you do just that efficiently and risk-free. We can make this experience more fun and hassle-free for you. For more information, visit our Nevita Full Citizenship Services page.