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Real Estate for Sale in Turkey including Apartments, Homes, Villas, and Commercial Properties

Are you looking to buy real estate in Turkey as an investment? If so, you made a good decision. Turkey is a great destination for buying property. Whether you want to invest in a commercial property or a residential property in Turkey, you will be able to do so easily through our website. Let us help you begin your search for real estate in Turkey today!

A Glimpse At Blossoming Turkish Real Estate Economy

Turkey has been a safe haven for international investors, especially with its growing economy in recent years. According to the Foreign Direct Investment Report for Turkey, the country has become the home of billions of dollars in investments during the previous 10 years. Property and real estate investments account for a sizable portion of overall FDI. The Turkish government's direct backing and encouragement is the primary cause behind this. Investing in property and the real estate industry is a locomotive for Turkey since it supports hundreds of subsidiary sectors around the country, employing thousands of people.

So, Why is Istanbul the Best Place to Buy Real Estate in Turkey?

Purchasing real estate in Istanbul is a lucrative idea. Istanbul has everything you need to make your life vibrant and colorful. In other words, besides the high investment potential, you can lead a life that is hassle-free and meaningful in Istanbul.

Nevita can help you to do just that. We have a vast network that you can use to purchase your dream apartment with ease.

Overview of Apartments in Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul is a fun place to live. Whatever you need to live a colorful life, you can find it there. The apartments in Istanbul are well decorated and suitable for every need. Most of the apartments for sales are well located and well designed. From luxurious to cheap apartments, you can get everything.

There are varieties of apartments for sale in Istanbul. Luxurious homes like penthouses, duplexes and complexes have lovely interior and exterior designs. They have eye-soothing views and vast green spaces around.

The penthouses are the most exciting place to live in. You can enjoy an aesthetic view of the antique city and its color and harmony from the penthouse. You can find a penthouse in every corner of Istanbul, like the city center or sandy beaches in Istanbul.

In addition to this, there are splendid sea view apartments in various locations in the highland overlooking the sea. The hotel apartment business is also on the rise. There is also a concept like shared and co-ownership apartments in Istanbul, where you can find time-sharing or ownership system apartments.

Overview of Villas and Houses for Sale in Istanbul, Turkey

Unlike apartments for sale in Istanbul, which are often built in high-rise apartment complexes, villas in Istanbul are typically two to three storeys in height and offer a private garden where you and your family may enjoy more personal space. Residents of Istanbul homes enjoy benefits such as private gardens and swimming pools, a secure place where their children may play, 24-hour security services, and so on.

When taking a Bosphorus tour or driving through the city, you may witness the beautiful ancient houses that surround the Bosphorus. In Ottoman times, these houses for sale in Istanbul were held by statesmen and affluent individuals. They are now the home of people from high society, such as artists, actors, and politicians.

While some people prefer to acquire property and build their own homes, the vast majority of customers prefer recently built or under construction residences in Istanbul. These homes come with swimming pools and are tastefully crafted, down to the smallest detail.

Lastly, buying a house in Istanbul is not a very complicated task, however, purchasing a home is a significant endeavor in and of itself, and it is recommended that such a transaction be handled by a competent real estate business that has vast experience in the extremely dynamic Istanbul real estate market.

As Nevita, if you are interested in houses and villas for sale in Turkey, we do our best to help you find villas that match your requirements. To reach your dream home in Istanbul, all you need to do is contact us.

Where to Buy Real Estate in Istanbul?

Before delving deeper into the specifics of purchasing property or real estate in Istanbul, keep in mind that wherever you purchase it, you will undoubtedly make a lucrative investment for the future. In this section of the Istanbul real estate guide, you will discover brief information on the top districts in Istanbul, some from the European side and others from the Asian side.

There are endless opportunities to buy property in Istanbul. Most of the places are wonderful. The districts and neighborhoods below are perfect for those who enjoy the vibrant city life of a metropolitan city, appreciate the vibrant nightlife, enjoy living in the city center and being close to the transportation hub, and appreciate being close to all necessary facilities.

Located In European Side

  • Zeytinburnu: Zeytinburnu is a key district of Istanbul. Serene and splendid, it is one of the most important commercial districts of Istanbul.
  • Başakşehir: This is a European district that has blossomed as an ideal place to buy a Turkey home.
  • Kağıthane: The city is very mystic and has a rich history. Kağıthane is known for its culture and heritage. Investing here can yield you massive benefits.
  • Bağcılar: The demographic structure and atmosphere of Bali's Bağcılar district, as well as its cultural and social life, are unique. If you look carefully, you will see that Bağcılar is home to a variety of people from different backgrounds. Perfect for the real estate business.
  • Gaziosmanpaşa: The city is notorious for its bohemian culture. If you want to live a life without any strings, this district is calling you.
  • Bahçeşehir: In this neighborhood, you will find many luxury apartment complexes with high-quality accommodations, safety, and cultural diversity. The city is also known as an amazing city.

Located in Asian Side

  • Kartal: Families with children prefer to live in the quiet and calm Kartal area. The district of Kartal is a safe place, which responds to almost all resident needs. One of the unique places to invest your money.
  • Ataşehir: Ataşehir residents can feel privileged with so many facilities and services available. In addition to food and drink establishments, there are malls, swimming pools, sports facilities, jogging zones, a hospital, and numerous other facilities.
  • Sancaktepe: The district is sure to be one of the few that stand out from the rest. The government is spending millions to make it super modern.
  • Üsküdar: Istanbul's Üsküdar district is one of the oldest residential neighborhoods in the world. Several communities have established themselves here and are living to their potential. It is a wonderful district to live in.
  • Pendik: Pendik is extraordinary for its sustainable development. The district is excited about its lively livelihood.
  • Ümraniye: The district has fierce shopping and business opportunities. The city is still being modernized, which means investing here is a great option.

Process of Buying an Apartment in Istanbul

The aesthetic city of Istanbul presents you with a wide range of real estate projects that suits every budget. There are plenty of apartments for sale in Istanbul, Turkey. First, conduct research by yourself or hire an agent to get an overview of the apartments in Istanbul. You should also make criteria about what suits your needs, budget, and the environment you will be in.

Hiring the right agent is crucial. To choose the best agent, search and compare different agents on websites or agencies. The agent should have years of experience and also understand what you need.

The first step in selecting a luxury apartment in Istanbul is to put down a deposit and work out a payment plan. You will also require a tax identification number and the opening of a bank account. Although Turkish law does not necessitate the use of a solicitor, we recommend that you do so in order to draft a contract and complete the necessary legal checks and documents to protect your assets. Then, after the title deeds application is approved, sign for them and move in.

Discover Our Great Selection in Istanbul

Nevita has undertaken many glorious projects. Among them, GS Leo Residence is the most luxurious and most beautiful project in all of Istanbul. Besides, we have plenty of glamorous projects like Maslak Dream and Air Başakşehir.

Nevita has provided the opportunity to start anew and discover the true meaning of life with its innovative projects. We are also proud of projects like GS Leo Residence, Barbaros48, Maslak Dream, Ataşehir Modern, and Taksim Petek.

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Fors İzmir Project
Konak - İzmir
3+1, 4,5+1 dp
Investment Installment Sea View Brand New Under Construction
$666,933 - $1,679,328
Allsancak Project
Alsancak - İzmir
1+1, 2+1, 3+1, 4+1, 5+1
Installment Sea View Brand New
₺8,364,360 - ₺29,329,440
Ataşehir Modern Project
Ataşehir - İstanbul
1+1 to 5+1
Investment Installment Brand New Luxury Under Construction
₺16,820,000 - ₺236,065,000
Air Başakşehir by Newinn
Başakşehir - İstanbul
Installment Brand New Under Construction
₺9,867,000 - ₺9,867,000