Pre Sales Services

Our customers’ satisfaction is guaranteed as a result of the efficient solutions we provide for real estate buyers and sellers.

We offer advanced pre-sales services to help you find the real estate or investment tool that will meet your needs and give confidence which is important when buying property abroad.

Our pre-sales process covers all the activities that take place before closing the sale. These include tasks such as:

Real Estate Consultancy

Our team of professional consultants in the field of real estate are ready to provide every client with detailed analysis and financial feasibility studies, management of contracts and title deeds, and verification of all legal procedures and necessary documents in any real estate purchase.

Investment Consultancy

Our clients get limitless investing guidance even when they are still potential buyers and just prior to their purchase. With our partner Parita Portfolio Management, our role is to support customers on how to maximize their investment returns by assisting them in making an informed decision to invest in the most profitable property with the most long-term growth potential.

Concierge and Hospitality

We strive to provide our customers with comfort and convenience. We greet our clients at the airport, drive them to their hotel, and show them around our properties. We also offer services for handling both flight and hotel reservations for our clients.

Preparing a Purpose Form and Arranging a Viewing Tour

We prepare a wish list in line with the client’s budget and needs. Our team offers the most attractive deals and helps clients choose the one that suits them best to get the highest return. After making the perfect match, we arrange a viewing tour to see the selected properties.

Online Property Viewing Tour

Using our virtual tour service, our clients can explore properties we have for sale from the comfort of their own homes. We provide online guidance through the whole investment and purchasing process, using 3D presentations on the selected piece of property or real-time presentations via phone.

Buying Procedures

Our clients can begin the buying process as soon as they are ready, our team of experienced real estate specialists will guide them in completing all of the necessary transactions. By starting the preparation of the sales contract, application for a Turkish tax identification number, and opening a bank account in Turkey, the property buying process will start.

Legal Support

Buying a property can differ from one country to the next. Our qualified specialists will provide legal guidance to preserve your interests. As a result of Nevita’s commitment to privacy, efficiency, reliability, and convenience in working with attorneys, you may rest assured that you will receive high-quality legal support.

Mortgage Loans and Financial Advice

Our team of professional advisors will give you specialized advice and personalized information about all the different types of loans available. We will provide guidance and loan alternatives in order to get you the best possible financial solution.

Title Deed Process

Regarding the transfer of title deed ownership. We start and follow up with the title deed process in order to complete the property purchase. Preparation of the appraisal report, preparation of passport and document notary translations, and application for title deed conveyance are all part of the process.