What Documents Are Needed To Purchase Property In Turkey?

A significant aspect of buying a home in Turkey is becoming familiar with the required documents during the purchasing process as well as understanding what they are necessary for.

To get the title deed (Tapu) of your new property in Turkey, the documents needed to complete the buying process include a foreign exchange document, your passport, a Turkish tax number, your personal bank account, your current address, the property appraisal report, and personal biometric photos. 

Here is what you need to know about each document: 

  • Foreign Exchange Document 

A recent modification to the legislation mandates that foreigners use the Turkish Lira to pay for their property purchases in Turkey. To change your currency into Turkish Lira, you must first transfer it to a bank in Turkey. 

The bank will provide you with a Foreign Exchange Document (Döviz Alım Belgesi), which will serve as confirmation that the currency has been changed into Turkish Lira, for you to present to the Land Registry Office.

  • Valid Passport 

You must have a valid passport in order to purchase real estate in Turkey. A copy of your passport will be required, and it should be translated by a sworn translator and notarized at a notary office in Turkey.

  • Tax Number

You need a tax number (Vergi Numarası) to open a bank account in Turkey, and for other financial transactions. Getting a tax number can easily be done within 10 minutes. You can simply apply for a tax number online, or visit a local tax office with a copy of your passport. 

  • Bank Account

The title deed of your new property will not be registered in your name unless the money used to purchase the property is transferred directly from your personal bank account (whether in Turkey or abroad). To open a bank account in Turkey, you’ll need proof of your current address in the form of a utility bill, such as electricity or water, from your country of residence.

  • Appraisal Report

For foreigners purchasing real estate in Turkey, obtaining an appraisal report, which is a document defining the property’s valuation, is necessary in order to complete the title deed transfer. 

  • Biometric Photos

Title deeds in Turkey typically include a photograph of the property owner. Hence, when buying Turkish real estate, you must provide current biometric photos to be added to the title deed of your new property. 

Buying Property in Turkey with Nevita ®

The procedure for foreigners to purchase a home in Turkey is straightforward and well-tested over the years. If you consider buying property in Turkey, Nevita will help to prepare all the necessary documents with you and will provide professional guidance throughout the entire buying process.

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