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Nevita ® offers a wide variety of properties for sale in Turkey including apartments, houses, lands, and commercial properties. If you are considering buying a property in Turkey, all you need is to check our website and search for your dream property.

Everyone aspires to live in a house that is cozy and takes away the tiredness of life. Turkey can help you achieve that goal for you. Turkey provides what no other nation can, with a competitive economy that encourages investment, cheap living expenses, and spectacular scenic beauty.

Overview of the Property Types and Sales Prices in Turkey

The prices of all the properties for sale in Turkey depend on the area they are in, their distance from the main city attractions, and their distance from recreational facilities like Mountain top, sea view, or lakes if any exist nearby. Moreover, outdoor attractions like a roof-top terrace, swimming pool, footpaths, territorial security, and even outdoor lighting place a crucial role in the overall build and cost of the house. For example, most of the houses in Antalya have a mountain top and a seafront view. However, in Istanbul, you will get both properties at different ends of the city. Similarly, Fethiye offers luxury apartments in the middle of the city, close to other city attractions including shopping malls, restaurants, and museums.

If you are looking for seafront properties, then Antalya offers a mix of both Alanya and Belek. The area offers both apartments and villas that can help you purchase a decent residential property of your choice.

Are you planning to buy a property in Turkey or a sea-view exclusive villa or a beach-front apartment at affordable prices? To help find these types of properties you would need help from property agents that know about the area and appreciate its beauty. We are those property dealers. Our job is to find you the best selection of properties for sale in Turkey. We know the area, and we have a deep understanding of what works and what doesn’t. Moreover, we are always looking for efficient ways to find the best deals for our users.

So, Is it Safe to Buy a Property in Turkey?

Investing in Turkey is considered to be very safe. This country offers a safe and secure environment to live peacefully. Turkey’s economy is booming right now. It is an exciting time to invest your money in Turkey and reap handsome benefits. You need not worry about how secure Turkey is for investment. If you follow the procedure, you will never lose any money here.

How to Safely Buy a Property in Turkey?

The first thing you should do is to seek the help of a reputed estate agent. When you hire them, look at their accomplishments. How many clients have they helped receive the deeds, and how many of them moved into their apartments?

Besides, it is strongly recommended that you hire an experienced lawyer, though it is not mandatory. The lawyer can help you check the document and find any loopholes. A lawyer can also carry out official checks to ensure that your investment is guarded.

You should also consider paying the costs online through a registered bank. It is the legal way to do things.

Where are the Best Places to Buy a House in Turkey?

There are several best cities in Turkey that are quite appealing to investors looking to buy property. Statistically, Istanbul and Antalya are the most popular destination for foreigners to buy Turkish houses. The most preferred cities after these 2 big cities are Bursa, Ankara, Muğla, Yalova and Sakarya.

Istanbul: Istanbul is a superbly ultramodern city with its excellent transportation and infrastructure. The neighbourhood is immensely diverse. Buying an apartment in Istanbul is a smart choice if you like the urban lifestyle.

Antalya: The province is notorious for its hospitality, nightlife and sandy beaches. Its atmosphere attracts different nationalities. And they peacefully live here. Particularly in Antalya, you will find many houses for sale that are ideal for fresh investment, and sales prices are cheaper than other Mediterranean cities

Bursa: Bursa is in the Northwest of Turkey. It provides opportunities to buy property at an affordable rate. The city life is also very appealing here.

Ankara: Ankara is an authentic place for its charming and ambient atmosphere. This place is also known for its historical attractions and busy nightlife. Investing here would be a lovely choice and will yield you success.

Muğla: This city’s story goes beyond time. Mugla is known for its picturesque beaches and many other popular tourist places. The city is rapidly growing, and investing here might make you a rich man.

Yalova: Turkish province Yalova, located in the Marmara Region, is famous for its thermal baths, apple orchards, lakes, and pine forests. This province is a city of pleasure. You can do crazy things with your time and money.

Sakarya: Sakarya is known for its great surroundings, high-quality past times, comfortable and safe living. This province is a place of educational brilliance. The world-famous University of Sakarya is the crown of this city.

Izmir: The atmosphere of Izmir is next to none. You can relax in Izmir with comfort and luxury. The properties of Izmir are relatively cheap. You can reap great benefits by buying an apartment in Izmir.

Foreign Buyers Prefer to Buy an Apartment in Turkey

With its magnificent culture, warm climate and exceptional history, Turkey has always been the envious destination for countless individuals who love adventure and a good life.

On the other hand, Turkey offers safe and stable living to its residents. Citizens from all over the world prefer to buy apartments in Turkey thanks to its culture, social structure, and religious tolerance as well as lucrative location and opportunities. Besides, the friendly climate of Turkey plays a role in the popularity of this country.

Advantages of Buying a House in Turkey

Who doesn’t want to live in a cosy apartment? Turkey provides you with a plethora of opportunities to buy and live in an apartment that will fulfil all your needs. Turkey is a country that attracts foreign investors with its financial and cultural riches.

Turkey is known for its robust, stable and ever-growing economy. Let’s take a look at the advantages of buying apartments for foreigners:

* Citizenship and Residency

Foreigners who purchase a property worth a minimum of $250,000 can obtain citizenship in Turkey, including their family, within only six months. You can also get a residency if you buy a property of 650 thousand Liras.

* Excellent ROI

Turkey is an ideal choice to buy an apartment because of its evergreen economy. The market of Turkey is considered one of the safest to invest your hard-earned money in.

* Affordable Real Estate Prices

Turkey offers luxurious and modern apartments at relatively low prices. The country provides all types of apartments for all walks of life. You will never get disappointed because Turkey always finds apartments and properties that suit all your needs.

* Cost of Living

Turkey is one of the most reasonably priced countries in the world. You can’t imagine how many cool things you could do with a little amount of money in Turkey. If you’re planning to settle in another country, no option can be better than this one.

* The Year-Round Mild Climate

Warm summers, mild winters, and relatively high rainfall, where could you find more suitable weather for a living! For its year-long cosy and warm atmosphere, Turkey should be on your top priority list while buying any properties.

* Full Ownership

Turkey’s law provides freehold ownership to the buyer of properties. This provides much-needed freedom, and the owner can do whatever they want to do with their property.

Enter the Professional world of Nevita ®

Nothing feels better than owning a first-class apartment. Nevita will help you find the top-quality property you’ve always dreamt of owning. Let’s start afresh and fill your life with remarkable memories.

Nevita is a gem of the real estate business. We always provide our customers with excellent assistance and superior services. We guarantee that with our help, you will get some of the best apartments out there in the Turkish market.

Doesn’t matter where you are at; Nevita will offer you expert insights and legal advice to help you buy the apartment you’ve always wanted. We will always go the extra mile to help you reach your goals.

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